Medical Assistants


Will "Medical Assistants" be replaced by AI & Robots?

There is a small chance this occupation will be replaced by robots/AI. This is further validated by our poll, which suggests a 41% chance of automation within the next 2 decades.

Automation Risk Level

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or 30% probability of automation

Projected Growth


by 2024

People Employed


as of 2019

Median Annual Wage


or $16.73 hourly

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How this compares with other jobs: 243 out of 707

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How likely do you think this occupation will be taken over by robots/AI within the next 20 years?

People Employed (US)

Median Annual Wage (US)

Job description

Perform administrative and certain clinical duties under the direction of a physician. Administrative duties may include scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, billing, and coding information for insurance purposes. Clinical duties may include taking and recording vital signs and medical histories, preparing patients for examination, drawing blood, and administering medications as directed by physician.

SOC Code: 31-9092

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Breh says
It's honestly possible, vitals can be done automatically; appointments, patient care/education, and inquiries can be streamlined using automation, making it possible to hire less medical assistants. Although from what I hear, medical practices are slow in adapting new technology.
Sep 06, 2020 at 07:36 AM
Shalin Dutt says
Firstly, medical assistants jobs can not be done by the robots. This involves in medical license and direct patient care. Robots are not designed to draw patients blood, check vital signs, do dressing changes, protect patients from fall and refilling their medication.
Jun 08, 2020 at 03:40 AM
Milania (No chance) says
This occupation requires much more than taking vitals, it requires bedside manner, tact, empathy, patience things a robot can't do with a physician or a patient.
May 25, 2020 at 06:34 PM

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