Will "Photographers" be replaced by AI & Robots?

There is very little chance of this occupation being replaced by robots/AI. This is further validated by our poll, which suggests a 28% chance of automation within the next 2 decades.

Automation Risk Level

Totally Safe

or 2% probability of automation

Projected Growth


by 2024

People Employed


as of 2019

Median Annual Wage


or $17.44 hourly

Most likely
Least likely

How this compares with other jobs: 90 out of 707

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How likely do you think this occupation will be taken over by robots/AI within the next 20 years?

People Employed (US)

Median Annual Wage (US)

Job description

Photograph people, landscapes, merchandise, or other subjects, using digital or film cameras and equipment. May develop negatives or use computer software to produce finished images and prints. Includes scientific photographers, aerial photographers, and photojournalists.

SOC Code: 27-4021

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Celso Ribeiro (Small chance) says
Atividade que envolve dinâmica com grande variação que não se prevê..e o fator determinante que o robô (IA) não vai atingir...a Sensibilidade Humana.
Oct 02, 2019 at 03:37 PM
xenon2 (Likely) says
AI can measure photo quality and take "infinite" number of photos, then based on selection will select best shots.
Imagine ball with lenses floating around, then from 100k pictures 100 is selected, based on "rememberability" and other defined patterns trained from famous photographers.
Aug 26, 2019 at 11:56 AM
E says
I think e-commerce photography that is very technical could be replaced by robots but from my experience, I think it very unlikely and hard to imagine that robots will do better than agency talents for editorial/creative photography
Mar 28, 2019 at 02:25 PM

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