Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture


Will "Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture" be replaced by AI & Robots?

It's quite likely this occupation will be replaced by robots/AI. This is further validated by our poll, which suggests a 54% chance of automation within the next 2 decades.

Automation Risk Level

Robots are watching

or 60% probability of automation

Projected Growth


by 2024

People Employed


as of 2019

Median Annual Wage


or $26.52 hourly

Most likely
Least likely

How this compares with other jobs: 337 out of 707

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How likely do you think this occupation will be taken over by robots/AI within the next 20 years?

People Employed (US)

Median Annual Wage (US)

Job description

Operate television, video, or motion picture camera to record images or scenes for various purposes, such as TV broadcasts, advertising, video production, or motion pictures.

SOC Code: 27-4031

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Emmanuel Pleasant (No chance) says
The ability to do this certain job requires creativity, imagination, and certain technical skills. Without these things, the cinematographic film will never be as good if a robot does the job.
Nov 19, 2019 at 06:57 PM
Le Reckless French Badger says
Don't worry we can lower your standards... And that is what we have seen in the past? With the lock down we have also seen that the audience worldwide does tolerate poorly framed and badly lit, self recorded program with a webcamish feel as long as it provided a sens of immediacy?
Emmanuel Pleasant, still I do agree with you... certain job won't do without the human being being in control but I do expect a lot scaling down in quality. Filmmaking is more accessible than it ever has been : the good, the bad & the ugly...
Jul 10, 2020 at 09:36 AM

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