Exploring the Correlation Between Wages and Automation Risk

As technology continues to evolve, particularly in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, one question frequently arises: How does wage correlate with the risk of job automation? Our comprehensive data analysis indicates a clear trend - higher wages tend to correspond with lower automation risks. This correlation is observable in both our own generated risk level estimates as well as the data collected directly from our user base. It's important to note, though, that this correlation appears somewhat weaker when using user-provided data, as compared to our internally generated figures.

Insights from our generated risk levels

Through a detailed analysis of job characteristics, we've developed our own model for predicting automation risk. The scatter plot below reveals how wage levels correlate with these risk estimates.

Using risk levels we have collected from our users

Our users contribute significantly to our understanding of automation risk. The following chart represents data collected from our users, providing another perspective on the wage-risk correlation.

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