Distribution of Jobs According to Risk Levels

The future of work is set to be heavily influenced by advancements in automation and artificial intelligence. An integral part of understanding this landscape is to analyze how jobs fall into various risk levels. This includes considering factors such as industry category and wage levels. The two charts presented below provide a snapshot of how current jobs distribute across different automation risk tiers.

Volume of jobs by risk level and category

This chart offers a breakdown of jobs according to their risk of automation and industry category. It allows you to see how different sectors of the economy are affected by potential automation threats. By examining this distribution, we can identify which job categories may face the highest risk and volume of job displacement due to automation.

Tip: click on a category label on the legend to highlight it within the chart.

Volume of jobs by risk level and wage

Wage levels can often indicate the complexity and skill requirements of a job. This chart illustrates the distribution of jobs according to their risk of automation and wage brackets. It provides insights into the correlation between income levels and automation risk, revealing if higher-paying jobs are more or less at risk.

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