Public Perception on the Risk of Job Automation

User sentiment overview

The 'User sentiment overview' chart visualizes evolving views on job automation risks, showing both weighted and unweighted data. Points on the chart represent the monthly aggregated risk level, sourced from user votes and scaled from 0% to 100%, with 100% indicating maximum perceived risk.

The risk level is calculated in two ways. The unweighted average treats the votes from all occupations equally, meaning that the votes carry equal weight regardless of the size of the profession. On the other hand, the weighted average takes into account the size of each profession, with occupations having larger workforce carrying more weight in the average calculation.

Sentiment by job category

This chart provides an in-depth analysis of automation risk sentiments, allowing users to break down the data by specific job categories. This enables a closer look at the nuances in how different industries perceive the risk of automation.

With the ability to select various job categories, you can make comparisons and discern trends or outliers among them. Perhaps some sectors are perceived as more susceptible to automation than others, or maybe the sentiment has significantly changed in certain categories over time.

Next to the category filters you can see what proportion of total jobs falls within each category. This provides a context for the size of each job category, helping you understand the overall significance of the sentiment data you're examining.


Most voted for categories


Sentiment by wage bracket

Our next chart offers an exploration of how automation risk sentiments might vary according to wage brackets. This 'Sentiment by Wage' breaks down the data according to specific income levels, enabling a understanding of how wage might correlate with perceived automation risks.

Next to the wage bracket filters you can see what proportion of total jobs falls within each bracket.



Christina Steinicke says
Here in Germany, I don't know the exact numbers - I don't really go by them! What I notice in my surroundings is that many people are unemployed. When I myself look for jobs, I see very few offers. I would have had to have studied to see better prospects. But despite all this, the media reports that many jobs are being replaced by robots in the industry. When shopping, there are already many checkouts where there is no cashier and you use your credit card.
Apr 05, 2024 at 08:42 AM

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